1. Senator Durbin, protect people, not CME profits!  No cuts to the social safety net!

  2. Come out this Thursday (12/6) at noon in Federal Plaza to tell Senator Durbin that we will not accept cuts to vital social programs!

  3. "If Durbin cuts social programming, you will be just like me … HOMELESS."  Senator Durbin - no cuts to the social safety net!  Our communities cannot afford it!

  4. Come fight austerity at noon this Thursday (12/6) in Federal Plaza!

  5. Senator Durbin - no cuts to programs that provide people with life saving drugs!  Do not cut Jaime’s life line!

  6. Senator Durbin - don’t take away the medicare of the disabled!  No cuts to earned benefits!

  7. Senator Durbin - don’t leave Chicagoans without vital services!  No cuts!

  8. Senator Durbin - don’t leave Illinois residents without vital programs that they depend on!

  9. Senator Durbin - don’t sell out the health of our communities for corporate welfare!  No cuts to social spending; tax the wealthy and corporations!

  10. Senator Durbin - stop the nonsense!  No cuts to medicare or medicaid!